Sunday, 15 October 2006

Twin apologies

First apology: I assumed no one was reading my site because I didn't get any responses. It turns out that my web person didn't set it up properly. Unfortunately, as she is my wife, I cannot really discipline her in the manner that would be appropriate. So apologies for those people who didn't get a witty response.

Second apology: I haven't written anything for a few days. In part I've been too busy writing the last book in the series, and also I have been signing and sending off copies of the new books: yes, the books are here! (at least, my pre-publication copies are). They really do look splendid. There's something about a hardback that makes you think you are a serious author, particularly when you drop one on your toe.

Incidentally, if anybody would like a signed postcard to go in their book as a sort of bookmark, next best thing to signed copy, feel free to email me at with your address.