Tuesday, 24 October 2006

The new books are here

It would be a dull or excessively humble author who did not mention on his or her website that they had a new book out. And now that I have two out, I definitely have to mention it. Actually I'm not sure whether the books are strictly out or they're out on 30th October. The good folks at Amazon, who increasingly seem to be a major player in books, not just as sellers, but as an indicator of availabilty, provider of discussion forums and source of quotable quotes, vary as to whether the books are available now or in the imminent future.

Anyway, having had my own copies, I can say that they look splendid, solid and epic, and well worth whatever they cost in anybody's money. But, more importantly, they seem to be being well received, and the first feedback is dribbling in. I have long since rejected any hopes or desires of getting "literary" praise, but I can live very happily with people calling them "a real page turner". If you see yourself as a teller of tales rather than a creator of fine art, there is no finer praise than having grabbed someone's attention and held it.