Friday, 6 June 2008

What didn't happen this week

By definition we fantasy authors are blessed with imagination. As it happens the good Lord has ensured that there is an appropriate price to pay for this blessing. (No blessing comes without its dark side). In the case of fantasy authors it is that things never totally live up to our greatest expectations.

As proof of this, let me tell you about the many things that have not happened in the week or so since The Infinite Day made it out into the big wide world.
  • I have not had phone calls from Oprah in the States or her equivalent in the UK, ‘Richard and Judy’.
  • I have not been contacted by my local library asking for copies.
  • Christianity Today has not asked me whether I would mind my face appearing on the cover.
  • Barack Obama has not asked me for my endorsement.
  • Spielberg has not phoned me saying he has some spare time on his hands now he is not doing the Olympics and could he please have the film rights.
  • I have seen no mention on Amazon that they are out of stock and are waiting urgently for the reprint.
  • No literary agent has e-mailed me asking me if they can please deal with the next series of books.
  • No pre-millennial, post-dispensational, pre-tribulation preacher has threatened to burn my books.
  • The local press have not rung the doorbell.
  • The bank has not been in touch offering me a special account for high earners.

Well, it could be worse. I have had two good reviews on Amazon, some nice comments and been emailed by a student wanting to do a Role Playing Game based on the books. (Being an old Beirut hand, when I read the e-mail first, I assumed RPG meant rocket-propelled grenade and got excited that I annoyed someone so much I was going to be attacked.) Anyway it’s early days and lots of people are still ploughing their way through what is after all a long volume. And, I don't earn my living from writing. It could be worse indeed.

Have a good week