Friday, 26 January 2007

Why we write

Just a quickie this week. Why bother writing? The great and good Dr Samuel Johnson once said "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money." I am reluctant to disagree with the man but Christian writing pays little in this life. There are, however, other rewards. I had this email a few days ago.

Dear Chris

I have just finished the third book (and re-read the first two, prior to that) and am astounded by the breadth of vision in the books. Andrew and I have had a few late nights, unable to stop reading them! Very good, very exciting, very thought-provoking - especially with the current debate over mixing human & animal cells. But, more than that, thought-provoking on a spiritual leveI re. pride, obedience and motives.

Also, I wanted to share that a close friend 'lost' her faith in Jesus last year, following a time abroad where different churches preached very different things. She couldn't say she didn't believe in God, but she found the things preached in the name of Christianity and Jesus deeply distasteful (and they were). Someone gave her yours and J. John's book on Jesus, and she has come back to faith in the 'real' Jesus - praise God!

Please finish the 4th book soon!


Further comment would be superfluous.